Organizations :


 The International Qwan Ki Do Federation is an athletic international organization that manages all the competitions and the meetings in Qwan Ki Do.

The competitions:
National competitions organised by the national organisation following the I.Q.K.D.F. regulations.

International competition organised by the national organisation affiliated to I.Q.K.D.F. and W.U.Q.K.D.:

International Championship for national teams or the club teams.
Continental Championship -Europe, Pan-America, Africa.
World Championship.

The World Union of Qwan-Ki-Do is a worldwide organisation that has the mission to manage: Technical requirements- teaching (seminars - formation) - ethics - ranks - values - traditions of the QWAN KI DO method.

World Union Of Qwan-Ki-Do was founded in Milan -Italy in 1981. 

Heading all Qwan Ki Do-organisations the World Union is present on all continents except Australia. 
Purpose of the federation is to spread the philosophy and the theoretical and technical basics of this martial art. 
The World Union of Qwan Ki Do ensures respect and cure for these purest Chinese-Vietnamese traditions, for the practice of the traditional martial art and for the philosophical and theoretical knowledge known in Qwan Ki Do. 
A research centre also giving technical and medical advice headed by Doctor Paolo Liistro is attached to the organisation. Situated in Italy it forms part of the Ambrosian Centre for Sports Medicine. 

A fundamental task of the "World Union" is to guarantee equality and unity of the Qwan Ki Do -school by co-ordinating the work of the national organisations. The goal is to establish Qwan Ki Do as a philosophy, as a martial art as well as a cultural and individual education. 

The World Union of Qwan Ki Do has set up three prime directives: 

Development of Qwan Ki Do: 
The technical and administrative structures of the W.U.Q.K.D., the competence of its executives and the personality and technical achievements of Master Pham Xuan Tong have greatly contributed to the development of this martial art.

Recognition of Qwan Ki Do: 
Qwan Ki Do is recognised by most of the official martial art organisations as well as by the "Liên Doàn Vo Thuât Viêt Nam of Hà Nôi (25/09/90)" (Union of Vietnamese martial arts in Hà Nôi) and the competent Vietnamese delegation at the UNESCO (text of 24/05/91). 
Qwan Ki Do is thereby part of the Vietnamese martial art family.

Supporting of the Vietnamese Martial Arts:
The main goal for the World Union of Qwan Ki Do, is to support the Vietnamese art and culture by promoting the martial art. A big step in this direction, was the Master Pham Xuan Tong's trip to Viêt Nam, where he was warmly welcomed by the Great Masters as well as by the Union of the Traditional Martial Arts in Saigon

To reach their goals the World Union and the International Federation organise national and international meetings, seminars, official competitions and celebrations and ceremonies. This has allowed supporting the Qwan Ki Do in the world. 

A) The training seminars: 
The yearly courses, though by Master Pham Xuan Tong, who teaches his philosophy and technical skills, allows the different Qwan Ki Do-organisations to spread and develop all over the world. 

Special Technical Seminars for the Technical Directors – Nationals Chief Instructors, of the national organisations.

Seminars for the international referees.

Technical Seminars for the Qwan Ki Do practitioners with high belt level.

Technical Seminars for all the Qwan Ki Do practitioners.

B) The celebrations or ceremonies:

Master Chau Quan Ky memorial.

Celebration of the school Quan Ky.

Celebration of the end of the season.

All the forms of meetings have led to the organisations of the World championships:

1st World Championship – Milan - Italy - 1994
2nd World Championship – Abidjan - Ivory Coast - 1998
3rd World Championship – Berlin - Germany – 2003
4th World Championship – Bucharest - Romany – 2007
5th World Championship – Rabat – Morocco - 2011

The World Union of Qwan Ki Do has affiliated today more 20 countries.

Pan-American Federation Of Qwan Ki Do:

The Pan-American Federation of Qwan-ki-do is an independent, sporting, non-political and non-party organization, which unites all Qwan-ki-do students practicing in North America, Central America and South America, regardless of their nationality, profession, age, sex, political or religious beliefs, by means of free affiliation.