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Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts

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Grand Master Pham Xuan Tong

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Hands and feet techniques

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World Union Of Qwan Ki Do

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The secret wisdom is not wisdom itself, this is the path that leads us there...

What is Qwan Ki Do ?

It is a discipline which requires total dedication to practice, to mental and physical development...>>More

Word of the Master Founder

Introduction dans la culture et les sciences traditionnelles d'origine Sino-vietnamienne ainsi que…>>Suite

2018 International Summer seminar in Toulon, France

The International Seminar is led by Thày Chuong Môn Pham Xuân Tong.…>>More


5thQwan Ki Do children and European youth championship

Successful 5thchildren and European youth championship in Zurich...>>More

Watch Qwan Ki Do Videos

Qwan Ki Do presentation, Master Tong TV exhibition and Ki demonstration...>>More